That's you. You're not just a bag of bones. You are cosmic debris—as Alan Watts said, "the very fabric and structure of existence itself." But hey, the human part is sometimes messy and that's where I come in.

I've been reading Tarot intuitively for many years, and I've studied it academically for almost as long. As a word witch, I see the cards as a story, and interpret how that story intertwines with yours.

When you book your session , you're booking a 30 minute video chat wherein I will pull 6 cards and we will talk a bunch of shit together. It's fun, I promise. Maybe you'll cry, too.

The energetic exchange for a reading is $250 however, my books are currently CLOSED. Please be advised that should you choose to book a session, you will be added to my waitlist.

Thank you for trusting me to hold this space for you. I look forward to seeing your face on my screen :).